Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Getting close!

Oh wow, what a busy weekend we just had! Alex came down with the computer and monitor so we mounted it all in the cabinet and set up the software... but before all that we had to test it by playing some games!
Here we have the monitor sitting on a chair. We played looking through the back of the cabinet.
Next we mounted the monitor in the cabinet and shoved the computer and everything in there. The next day we had a show at the house so it was a perfect testing ground for the cabinet to make sure everything was working correctly.
People at the show loved the cabinet and gave the thumbs up on  the controls and the design. Thanks playtesters.
It was the first time we were actually able to have all three cabinets in the house running games at the same time, which was a really great feeling! The next morning I woke up early and got the cabinet and hardware loaded in to the van to take up to New York.
On the road with the cabinet in the back!
Look Winnitron, there's New York
So once I made it in to the city and over to NYU we got the cabinet all loaded in and stored away until their May 12th No Quarter event where the cabinet will be unveiled along with some really rad New York-centric indie games! It should be rad and we are really happy that NYU is as stoked as we are.
Well the marquee and attract mode are getting their finishing touches as I type this. So check back after the 12th to see photos from the event with the finished cabinet! If you are in the New York area on the 12th you should definitely be at the No Quarter event.
See you there!

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